G Leeks Skip Hire - lorry - Kersey High Street

What items cannot be placed into a skip?

Skips cannot contain the following: asbestos, tyres, batteries, paint tins, oil or gas bottles, fridges, freezers, and plasterboard. If there is an item you are unsure about, please call for further information. 

Can skips be placed on the road?

Yes, skips can be placed on the road but only with a permit. In order to gain a permit, we recommend 1 weeks notice as the process takes 4 working days to gain approval. The skip will then be placed on the road with lights and road cones if required. 

How long can customers hire skips for?

The maximum length a customer can higher a skip for is 4 weeks.

How high can a skip be filled?

The skip must only be filled to the level load line located on the side of the skip. Please DO NOT overfill the skip as the driver can refuse collection of extra waste over this line. 

How to arrange collection?

In order to arrange collection, please call us on either 07850 208974 or 01473 824256.